Washingtonian, Carolyn M. Braxton, is an Artist, Designer and heartfelt Poetess, born on November 3, 1957 to the late Clara B. and William A. Braxton.  Carolyn is the mother of a beautiful daughter and sister of two siblings.  She is the President and Entrepreneur of “Shades of Me”.  Established in 1983, Shades of Me’s objective is to create a portfolio that exhibits a serene, mystical and vibrant impression that connects with the spirit of all viewers and to “Experience the Essence of Elegance”.


Studies include the Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D.C., Minnesota School of Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Calvin Coolidge High School, Washington, D.C.  She was truly inspired at age nine, when given a drawing set from her mom.  Amazed at the production of this gift, her talents took on multiple meanings.  Subsequent to experiencing many mediums, her creativity led to wonderful ideas and images.  Mediums used are acrylics, oils, and pastels to uniquely created processes.  Collection consists of silhouette scenes, abstracts, still life, tropical paintings, silk screening, batiks, and pen and inks.  Creations display tranquility encompass with brilliant and vivacious colors.  Ambitiously exploring every opportunity of my interest my hobby became a career.  Specialties are designing clothing, custom leather and suede bags and shoes, creative logos, elegant calligraphy work and original greeting cards.


“Needed Expressions” greeting cards are another entity of Shades of Me, Inc.  Braxton’s Collective Greeting Cards are original designs.  They are designed to assist in expressing feelings and thoughts.  The concept is to complete the thought.  “Needed Expressions”, crafted on very fine linen stock are individually touched by the artist.  All cards are blank inside and are registered with Library of Congress.


Chauffeured by spirit, her inner thoughts and words allow her to include poetry in her endeavors.  Writing poetry is something she greatly admires.  Her goals are to ultimately uplift every reader’s heart.  Her poetry contains great feeling and carries a direct approach to positive thinking.  Writing is an excellent avenue to expressing oneself.  All poetry has been accepted for copyright with the Library of Congress and is published in many anthologies.


Awards received are: Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Award, 2003, International Society of Poets.  Nominated for poet of the year 2003 through 2008, International Society of Poets, Editor’s Preference Award of Excellence, 1995, Creative Arts and Science Enterprises, President’s Award for Literary Excellence, 1995, The National Authors Registry and Iliad Press, Editor’s Choice Award, 1994, The National Library of Poetry, Honorable Mention, 1994, The National Authors Registry and Iliad Press, Honorable Mention – Graphics IV, 1975, National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institute of Washington, D.C. and Award of Merit for Excellence, 1975, Metro bus School Poster Contest, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.  


Publications awarded are “Celebrating Excellence”, “American Poetry Anthology”, “Remembrances”, “Words on the Rising Wind”, “A Touch of Poetry”, “Perceptions”, “Poetic Voices of America”, “At Day’s End”, “Perspective”, “Snowy Woods and Other Songs”, and “God’s Potpourri – Volume II.  Biography is also published in the 26th Edition of “Who’s Who in the East” distributed by Marquis Who’s Who in America and International Society of Authors and Artists, sponsored by Creative Arts and Science Enterprises.